The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Visitant Vor 5 Stunden
Bezos not paying taxes isn't on him. It's on the government to make a tax system that he can't legally avoid paying his fair share.
beauzworld Vor 5 Stunden
Emily, me too, I hate cockroaches.
Alexander Popovich
Alexander Popovich Vor 5 Stunden
yugiohslavia? are you kidding me aubrey?
Wardocc Vor 5 Stunden
This just shows how deep the cognitive decay is when compared to today.
Nanner Puddin
Nanner Puddin Vor 5 Stunden
People need to calm down their costumes and dress like people.
Yusuf Shaikh
Yusuf Shaikh Vor 5 Stunden
Stephen Colbert is the one of the worst host , Jimmy Fallon is even worse . The only one who did it creatively was Conan O'Brien.
Sialafale Lui Yuen
Sialafale Lui Yuen Vor 5 Stunden
I just left the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA 💕
Patrick Bodine
Patrick Bodine Vor 5 Stunden
We are living in a sick society currently run by thieves and liars and psychopaths.
Jonathan Maze
Jonathan Maze Vor 5 Stunden
I really dislike the snarkiness of these, I know it’s supposed to be edgy but it has an undergrad quality. I just don’t think it works.
Aaron Lindsay
Aaron Lindsay Vor 5 Stunden
Dippin Dots is massive in Australia. In my country town we have 2 Dippin Dots vans that were parked less than 100m apart lol
Brian Phraner
Brian Phraner Vor 5 Stunden
HA! debins.info/dash/hWSzrI2JkZ1nn9g/video.html
jack collins
jack collins Vor 5 Stunden
Is she awake?
Alexander Popovich
Alexander Popovich Vor 5 Stunden
wait you do look like me and becca frasiers unborn child who is a girl. just saying
Alexander Popovich
Alexander Popovich Vor 5 Stunden
me and aubreys child would have issues. serious issues with your outfit conan o butthead on the right.
Sophie Robinson
Sophie Robinson Vor 5 Stunden
Wouldn't have wanted Wally to die. She waited ever so long for that trip.
Keith Ramsey
Keith Ramsey Vor 5 Stunden
What’s their f*ckin’ angle? 🤔
darth dahn
darth dahn Vor 6 Stunden
One is a free thinking comedian. The other is a corporate political hack. Can you tell which is which?
Pokerface Vor 6 Stunden
Remember when Fabio got hit by a seagull on a rollercoaster? What if it was the same bird?
Hensley Julius
Hensley Julius Vor 6 Stunden
Did he just say nobody likes Dippin' Dots?! My heart is hurt. Lol
Michael Teret
Michael Teret Vor 6 Stunden
Stephen, do you know Jasper Johns’ 1978 “Untitled” crosshatch painting that represents a toroid structure?
Infradig Vor 6 Stunden
Drunk Danny
Antonio Marsicano Ruggiero
Excelente actor mi paisano Venezolano que realizó la vida del mejor peleador latinoamericano, el gran Mano de Piedra Durán, quien tuve el honor de ver sus peleas y verlas en vivo en mi país natal, fue un ídolo en Venezuela y representó dignamente a todos los latinos y la película fue extraordinaria dirigida por también el Venezolano Jakubowics y por el popular Budú haciendo el papel del Quiñonez ...
Eve Hawk
Eve Hawk Vor 6 Stunden
Enjoy your break Late Show team! You deserve it!
Bridget Collins
Bridget Collins Vor 6 Stunden
He is just so happy to have an audience.
Cato58 Vor 6 Stunden
Why is the audience laughing?
Lee Lo
Lee Lo Vor 6 Stunden
Great outfit !!!
InDoMiNuS Vor 6 Stunden
This will be funny to watch in 2024 ;")
Angela Tchaikovsky
Angela Tchaikovsky Vor 6 Stunden
self help guides......the guy must be with his family...
Too Much Drama In The Milky Way Galaxy
Rare footage of the human species enjoying their employment.
Ahmad Carlos
Ahmad Carlos Vor 6 Stunden
If anyone is looking at the comments and knows fashion or sportswear please help! I want Dana's jacket! I've searched and can't find it!
E K Russell
E K Russell Vor 6 Stunden
Thanks, Jason. You are a mensch. ❤️
countwhiskers Vor 6 Stunden
I miss the calmness and impact of punchlines from the storage closet.
Adrian 5067
Adrian 5067 Vor 6 Stunden
Colbert is Smoooooooooooth with a massive S
skunk baxter
skunk baxter Vor 6 Stunden
I wonder if migrants coming in to the US by the hundreds of thousands is causing covid upsurge.
Dogman Horror & Scifi
Puppies are much needed lately. Cute cute puppies. I hope they all get adopted to loving homes.
Car U
Car U Vor 6 Stunden
I started laughing when he saluted the toons.
Nicolás González-Jiménez
It is a shame that he didn't know about zoonotic diseases...
mike hand
mike hand Vor 6 Stunden
Funny but NAIVE young man
Loki the Cat
Loki the Cat Vor 6 Stunden
38 Year old Pale, English Lady, beside 49 Year old hulking African/Samoan Man. EB: "I look like his Child!" Oh, honey.... you are way too old to be his child, and you look nothing like him. But you do look like a Child beside him, and by claiming something so silly.
I hope this would be the last time Anyone would have to do this! Folks please be kind to your pets get them fixed & do not get a pet unless it is forever!
J Beckler
J Beckler Vor 6 Stunden
Can’t believe this guy is still on TV.. His ratings are terrible.
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher Vor 6 Stunden
Love the Show ! Hate this repetitive bad default DEbins channel music !
Jake Baker
Jake Baker Vor 6 Stunden
What’s up BFF!
Kris Frederick
Kris Frederick Vor 6 Stunden
Colbert only shows us a fraction of how genuinely endearing and magical he is as a being on set... + Puppies =
Megachad Sixty nine
Megachad Sixty nine Vor 6 Stunden
Equals what!?
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist Vor 6 Stunden
Hang on. So Stephen had the socks _right there at his desk?_ 🤔 Do they, like, give a pair to every member of the audience before they end the show, every night?
Me Vor 6 Stunden
Oh I clicked on this thinking it was real news, my bad.
Kevin Street
Kevin Street Vor 6 Stunden
This isn't Gritty's first rodeo. He knows what to do.
First Last
First Last Vor 6 Stunden
One year does not make global warming but then I remember the same idiots telling us in the 70's that we were heading into an ice age. Sorry, these idiots can't be trusted to piss into a toilet let alone into a cup for drug testing.
Joshua Hancock
Joshua Hancock Vor 6 Stunden
that camera guy has a good gig
Steg human
Steg human Vor 6 Stunden
Vaccines are causing the variants, have been since the BBA vaccine update (flu shot) of 2016>2019. Not only caused Influenza RNA to mutate doubling the flu-related death toll from around 350 000 to nearly 700 000. But caused novel variants in the RNA of cold viruses as well. Not saying COVID is a direct result, no proof of that just saying it's pretty bloody likely, they were throwing all types of different species' viral antigens in the Flu shot update onwards of 2016^. So here we are, at the hard sell for vaccines more saturated than ever, people none the wiser (gotta get me Pfizer). Delta strain is on the verge of adapting past the efficacy of all the current vaccines. There's pretty much a balance maintained without vaccines when it comes to readily adapting RNA viruses , the virus makes you a bit crook you pass on the virus to a new host >all good, the virus survives the host survives. Typically two years to get back to natural herd immunity balance after a novel viral pandemic. That is of course if you do not use vaccines, instead of the novel virus and our immune seeking balance,,,,,, mutual survival. Vaccines force the RNA in these viruses into a mutate for survival, it's very random most times the mutations will amount to nothing, and the vaccinated immune wins the battle, but the chance of a mutation that bypass the vaccines is reality, it has happened many times before hence the need to update the Flu shot almost seasonally. Vaccines are a bit like a time bomb for these types of viruses, it could be flu it could be COVID, the vaccines are not fussy. Rest assured the virus will survive even if it adapts into an actual humanity killer.
Richard Tallant
Richard Tallant Vor 6 Stunden
Maybe he should cry about it
jackuon Vor 6 Stunden
is this an old clip? why did he mention the Late Show Snyder Cut? is there a new one?
Rana Beyer
Rana Beyer Vor 6 Stunden
For razzele I need bo burnham on this show
Laura Anne
Laura Anne Vor 6 Stunden
Did Steve just admit he didnt remember interviewing her? Thats some shade.
Colin Mor
Colin Mor Vor 6 Stunden
Talking to me and I looked up to so much to be so fucking
Colin Mor
Colin Mor Vor 6 Stunden
different now
Rana Beyer
Rana Beyer Vor 6 Stunden
Get bo burnham on ur show pls
Hankakah Vor 6 Stunden
LOL at his "Wasssapppp"! Remember those Bud commercials?
Omen Vor 6 Stunden
Has anyone tried sweeping the forest floor like they do in Europe? They have forest cities you know.
jackuon Vor 6 Stunden
why did he mention the anesthesiologist? and where is the Zack Snyder segment mentioned in the Meanwhile clip??
banjaxeguitars banjaxeguitars
Sicko. Animals know intrinsically what humans don’t. )&w is a demon.