Joy Reid Doesn't Understand Why Fox News Would Tell Viewers Not To Get Vaccinated 

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Dolores Reynolds
Dolores Reynolds Vor 6 Minuten
Joy is looking stunning tonight, and she is as sharp as ever. I enjoy her show a lot.
Bill S.
Bill S. Vor 39 Minuten
She needs to explain why black people have the highest percent of vaccinated of any ethnic group. Something about people who live in glass houses and stones comes to mind here.
Armando Montillero
Armando Montillero Vor 45 Minuten
I love the way her brain works when answering questions.
Oscar O Diaz Reyes
This Lady is what I call a real Journalist!! Did you hear Tucker Carlson!!!?? I love to watch her show!! I love her 😘
Trace Vor 2 Stunden
Fox believes that most deaths will be minorities so they consider the covid 19 virus an ally.
G Schulz
G Schulz Vor 2 Stunden
Raphael Andrews
Raphael Andrews Vor 3 Stunden
"A cult is where your your saviour asked you to die for him "
Dave Vor 3 Stunden
Because they are pandering to their base, that's why. It's called ratings.
Jennifer Lehnherr
Jennifer Lehnherr Vor 3 Stunden
We love Joy!
lacteur1 Vor 4 Stunden
This woman is an absolute genius with a wicked sense of humor and killer laugh.
Beth S
Beth S Vor 5 Stunden
LOVE Joy! But I just cannot watch a full episode of her show, she is so honest, and expresses so much incredulous emotion at what's going on, and so often says what's in my head, it makes my blood pressure go up. I hope the day is coming when the shit really starts hitting the fan, when all is lost to the Republicans. Then I'm tuning in watch Joy be joyful!
Heide Leskun
Heide Leskun Vor 5 Stunden
I know people of color who refuse the vax because of past history and they were the test cases. The leaders of those areas, the people the ones who feel that way trust NEED to step up otherwise they won't listen. That directly from friends of color. And that's all, "African" "Native Indians" anyone who isn't "white". Even though we all know we ain't 100% all white. JMHO.
Zaniel8 Vor 5 Stunden
Because if the right , politicians or media or civilians, admit they were wrong than of course the next question is what else r we wrong about ... reputations and egos to protect ... so yeah , always right always because never wrong ever ever .... petulant children basically
Eff 2020
Eff 2020 Vor 5 Stunden
"This is who we are...believe that sh*t!"
Cato58 Vor 6 Stunden
Why is the audience laughing?
Mark Webb
Mark Webb Vor 6 Stunden
For those of you who are hearing and learning impaired, Miss Reid has a severe Honesty Deficiency! She wouldn't know what the truth was..mumm..Let's just say she doesnt know what the truth is. She blamed hackers and even involved the FBI on her Moronic claim about her homophobic tweets. Lucky her viewership is so small she cant do very much harm.
Grace Waszkiewicz
Grace Waszkiewicz Vor 6 Stunden
I like Joy's natural hair and deeply dislike those extension pancakes she wears.
Dieter Zerressen
Dieter Zerressen Vor 6 Stunden
Joy: ssshhhh, let Fox kill off their audience. I'm rooting for 'em all to die. I support the coffin industry.
Columbia City
Columbia City Vor 7 Stunden
Hey Joy ask your friends family Midein Charles how many vaccines did she take before passing away? Stop the bullshit
Que serra
Que serra Vor 7 Stunden
Theya re still minimizing the whole thing. Also fear works for them. Fear the government. Hate bide. Its a plot and the virus was a snuffle. 5heyr e coming to inject you with control stuff and take your guns. These are some reason o see. Purely selfish yes. But there it is
yup it's ME!
yup it's ME! Vor 7 Stunden
This QUEEN is the epitome of "woke" Now I get it! 🤯
Donna Williams
Donna Williams Vor 7 Stunden
Tell the truth Joy!!!!!!
Stephen Podeschi
Stephen Podeschi Vor 8 Stunden
Fox anchors are telling anyone who wants to get vaccinated to do so.......They are not telling them they must like Joy and the other clowns in the 'lamestream'
TeeCee Fitzgerald
TeeCee Fitzgerald Vor 8 Stunden
2 Short No Pun.......
Moe Zura
Moe Zura Vor 8 Stunden
Joy Reid doesn't understand a lot of things... except Joe Biden's CNN town hall... she understood that perfectly. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dickie Mallorca
Dickie Mallorca Vor 10 Stunden
Joy Read is good
Koley W
Koley W Vor 10 Stunden
Love that elaborate hair-do.
gary firlotte
gary firlotte Vor 10 Stunden
Fox told people not to get vaccinated because they are trump and gop supporters
Brain Gigantic
Brain Gigantic Vor 11 Stunden
You guys should’ve vetted this public personally for what she’s said publicly on the topics you planned to discuss. Her tweets in fall last year were all about casting doubt on the vaccine. I guess this grown ass woman just gets to keep evolving. That’s what ppl said about her homophobic blog posts she lied about. Her views have evolved. Grown ass ppl just keep changing their views, do they? No, they don’t. What they do is push narratives. That vaccine was bad and never gonna happen until magically Biden was inaugurated. Do better. You’re a partisan and everyone understands that; doesn’t mean you get to slide on having no fuvking ethics. Fuck’s sake
clay tyler
clay tyler Vor 11 Stunden
Engaging, beautiful and smart ... that's a helluva combo - trifecta babe
La Perle des Antilles!
La Perle des Antilles! Vor 11 Stunden
Preach, Joy, Preach!
Maxine Woods
Maxine Woods Vor 11 Stunden
I so love Joy Reid. Even when I'm not at home to watch The Reid Out I make sure I leave my tv on so she can get the ratings!
Alyson Nicole
Alyson Nicole Vor 7 Stunden
🥺 thats so sweet tbh lol
Bianca Culpo
Bianca Culpo Vor 11 Stunden
because now too many people in red states were dying from the virus and stocks tanked several days ago so their big donors called and told them to knock it off
Gilmore Mccoy
Gilmore Mccoy Vor 12 Stunden
Yes, the Christmas right maga followers are a cult and they believe in don-the-con's corrupt inhumane behavior 🤑 more than God's brotherly love teaching 😱!
Jan HT
Jan HT Vor 12 Stunden
I've wondered why too but I now think it's because Fox (1) want to make sure Biden fails to meet his goals with COVID vaccinations and that overall the govt struggles to get it under control thereby impacting the elections next yr. (2) Fox MUST ALWAYS oppose liberals no matter what the issue is and accuse the left of conspiracies, lying, cheating, whatever it takes to make sure their viewers stay in their typical daily rage/hate mode. If some of their viewers die, that's the price that must be paid for the GOP to regain power. They see it as a win because not enough of their viewers would die to impact future elections in a negative way. Several Fox hosts (Doocey primarily on Fox and Friends) have been encouraging their viewers to get the shot but they aren't the Fox power players like Carlson, Ingraham who are the primary anti vaxxers on Fox and have the far more militant viewers.
John W
John W Vor 13 Stunden
There is NO difference between the Republican party and the Democratic party they're all out for money money money. Russia Russia Russia Putin Putin Putin IS ALL A BIG BULLSHIT STORY.
Lee Rivera
Lee Rivera Vor 13 Stunden
Absolutely adore Joy Reid and The Reidout.
Hattu Neula
Hattu Neula Vor 13 Stunden
”I mean, will anyone… anyone at all… ever trust the CDC again? And who on God’s earth would trust a vaccine approved by the FDA?? How do we get a vaccine distributed after this broken, Trumpist nonsense has infected everything? Even if Biden wins?” -Joy Reid, 9/17/20
MATYCHY Vor 13 Stunden
Is Joy the reason fox is now telling their viewers to vaccinate? Except for Tucker he still won't
Brian Hotaling
Brian Hotaling Vor 14 Stunden
Fox News Corp has vaccine passports for employees
Crispy Black
Crispy Black Vor 17 Stunden
I have been asking this same question. Why are they killing their viewers and constituents? None of this makes any sense to me. Is it the religious angle of trying to speed up the apocalypse and Armageddon? Don’t Bible humpers believe that their god has some sort of grand plan and moves everyone around his chessboard? Doesn’t this somehow fly in the face of all that faith and trust in “god’s plan”?
Midnight Philosopher
Midnight Philosopher Vor 17 Stunden
I'll trust the government with my health when they stop selling cigarettes.
Regina Ryan
Regina Ryan Vor 17 Stunden
Great Interview. Joy is funny and smart!
Marcus Wilson
Marcus Wilson Vor 18 Stunden
Thats they dumb ass if they rather not take the shot and died.
honkawiman Vor 18 Stunden
Rubio the ass senator from Florida took the vaccine shot as soon as it came out. Last year.
ronald Gillette
ronald Gillette Vor 20 Stunden
Because BIG a cities get hit the hardest and BIG cities are filled with Democrats and people of color.
Brenda Barbera
Brenda Barbera Vor 20 Stunden
Love her ❤️
Bob Orsini
Bob Orsini Vor 21 Stunde
On spot Joy.
Deborah Hoffman
Deborah Hoffman Vor 22 Stunden
Joy beautiful.
karlos anthony
karlos anthony Vor 22 Stunden
WHY didn't trump play the "hero who saved America" ? HE Loves attention. WHY DESTROY YOUR OWN VOTERS ?
R M Vor 22 Stunden
Love her.
Michelle Meyer
Michelle Meyer Vor 22 Stunden
I just love her!!!! She’s so poised and smart. And…….Trump followers are like a cult.
wolfman02 Vor 22 Stunden
It's very simple. They HAVE TO see to it that their viewers are stupid, 'cause if they're not, they won't watch Fox News. And that's why they push stupid ideas on them, because stupid is as stupid watches.
Joyce Vor 22 Stunden
Beautiful Joy Reid!
Mr Outside
Mr Outside Vor 22 Stunden
Faux "News" is a criminal network.
Holly Houston
Holly Houston Vor 23 Stunden
Know many white people from 50 thru teens, who have been targeted with anti-vax social media campaign. These campaigns have been successful, and a few anti-vaxers who now have Covid, have let slip phrases like: ▪Guess it's not really a common cold ▪never experienced any sickness like this! ▪maybe ______ recovered faster because they got vaccinated .... Hearing a touch of remorse for believing the SM campaigns. Also, another ant-vaxer friend, who is positively excited about the Alabama law suit, turned down the proposition to get exposed to Covid, to build his antibodies naturally. If Covid isn't that bad, why not get exposed? How many anti-vaxers push their agenda, from the safe, disinfected confines of home?
Polydynamix Vor 23 Stunden
I've always known a cult to be whether or not the ruling class believes what they're saying. In a cult the leader knows they're talking bullshit- in a religion the leader actually believes it.
stephen pearson
I love you Joy. Go girl.
guypaul Vor Tag
Joy Reid is a great guest! Thanks for having her on your show.
Pia Hydrangea
I love me some Joy!
Drew Lovelyhell
You hit the nail on the head. It's a death cult. The Evangelicals are champing at the bit for armageddon.
Christopher Sign didn't kill himself
Blue Wave 2020
Shhhh. Leave it alone. If MAGAt’s don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s a good thing. Thinning of the stupid herd is good.
Maggie Hea
Maggie Hea Vor Tag
Joy is so beautiful!!!😊❤️
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Vor Tag
She makes good points about the folks at Faux News but please stop pushing the vaccine likes its a end all be all cure. There’s plenty of healthy and traveling unvaccinated people not spreading the plan-demic flu.
Dan Strayer
Dan Strayer Vor Tag
Facebook has been allowing anti-vax BS for at least 15 years. They LIKE IT that way, because that kind of commentary evokes a much greater response than any post which says the opposite. This crap is for stupid people, and FB is the perfect environment for them.
The Remnant
The Remnant Vor Tag
It's all part of their strategy to divide and conquer. They want it to remain as a political football during the midterms.
Eugene M
Eugene M Vor Tag
I love her, and beautiful outfit....matches her 😀😀😀😀
Kyïv stuff
Kyïv stuff Vor Tag
The point is to create chaos for which Biden’s administration will be blamed
Dwight Vietzke
Fox New's base viewers are idiots.
Felipe Echeverri
I’ve never personally liked her and this helped.
larry5200 Vor Tag
No one told me not to get vaccinated. It’s a personal choice. Unlike liberals, we don’t do things just because politicians and celebrities tell us to
Kory Ogden
Kory Ogden Vor Tag
Hey why did Jim Jones kill his followers? Who knows?
Kory Ogden
Kory Ogden Vor Tag
HERES AN ANSWER : There is a science behind the "level of perspective" aka TRIBALISM Look up Spiral Dynamics pictures
dextor kincaide
Lean forward is what republicans do in the men's room stall.
Dan Strayer
Dan Strayer Vor Tag
provided there's a glory hole there.
Carmen Perez
Carmen Perez Vor Tag
Let’s not be naive. Murdoch works for Putin. They have obviously been trying to kill us. Trump’s rallies were meant for that very thing. Think Jim Jones.
free thinker
free thinker Vor Tag
Like msnbc has any room to talk
Kaderia Melchor
Love J Reid ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anthony Allwill
Fox news has been infilitrated by subliminal knee takers and Marxists. They are trying to make sure that mindless Republicans all die before the next election.
Paula Archuleta
All FOX “Talkingheads” host are vaccinated, seems crazy to promote non-vaccines?
Deborah GS
Deborah GS Vor Tag
I’m an independent, sick and tired of the same-old-thing, only-worse now with both the Republicans and the Democrats. I blame the rise of Trump on the Democrats who did Little to Nothing for over 4 YEARS to counteract all the lies, corruption and vileness that is Trump. They barely fought back. No matter what big, ugly story he was spewing, the Democrats said very little to nothing. What they do is discuss the latest Trump lies on CNN or MSNBC with listeners who need not be persuaded of Trump’s dictatorial and insane beliefs. Instead, those who could hear the truth instead of Trump’s diabolical, public hate believe in him more and more, joining all the other Trump followers in belonging together, one happy, comfortable family, reinforced by their unity. His followers are left not knowing anything else. Listening to their Fürher with NO other point of view, they grow even stronger, more devoted and more insanely towards Trump, their true God, free to worship at the church of Fox.
Kirk Mills
Kirk Mills Vor Tag
The Republican Part is a Death Cult. Thanks for saying this out loud.
Juan Saenz
Juan Saenz Vor Tag
Their choice not to get vaccinated.. their choice is death
Professor Sprout
Women ask the logical questions. That's why some are threatened and can not "suffer a woman to speak in public".How do you, actually hope to hold on to power when you are vaccinated (talking heads and politicians) but you are asking your followers to drop dead? The ideology of culture war keeps you in the algorithms (trending) but can 't keep you in power when you kill the public you feed off of. I love Reids points "a cult is when your leader asks you to die for him". Perhaps Senator McCathy and Jim Jordan are just not that bright. Follow it all to its logical conclusion, even gerrymandering can't fix dead.
Zehra G
Zehra G Vor Tag
Fox is not American....wake up!!!
Zehra G
Zehra G Vor Tag
Maybe they want them to die......
What Joy Reid does not understand could fill a Library. It is not hard, they want to downplay the severity to excuse the lack of proper response. That and FREEDOM!
James C
James C Vor Tag
Faux News is encouraging their viewers to refuse vaccination, get sick, and die so they can point to the numbers and say ‘Look how much worse Biden handled the pandemic! More dead than the Fat Orange Turd!’ It won’t work because, even if all the Faux viewers died, I don’t think the numbers would surpass the FOT’s numbers…and there wouldn’t be anyone left to watch them!
Bryce Bennett
Y’all are literally joking about a pandemic fkin sickening
GuyJulius Vor Tag
Joy must have been a FOX fan when she was anti gay though we will give her a pass. She was hacked after all.
Auga Vor Tag
Can not figure out which hairdo of Joy is worst the CurlyPuffs she had before or the current Macro May braids 🤣
george sockett
wow just wow..Joy reid is the biggest liar I have ever seen..hypocrites spout about misinformation then lay it on thick
STDunne Vor Tag
Ah guys it's not funny. Murdoch and his Fox News is appalling. They lie all the time Yes Trumpism is a cult
Wilfried Hölscher
Well that target is shrinking, quickly.
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