Michael Myers Corrects Biden 

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When President Biden told a reporter that Facebook is "killing people" by spreading vaccine misinformation, Michael Myers steps in to correct the record.

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Clip air date 07/19/2021

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19 Jul 2021



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Serge Somborac
And the Right says Biden is suffering from cognitive decline?! He was more concise there than Trump has *ever* been!
Savage Hornpoke
Savage Hornpoke Vor 2 Tage
Textboy cowboy
Textboy cowboy Vor 2 Tage
What did the tic off devil 😈 say to facebook????........thats my work not yours...
Oppressed Speaker of truth
We all know Biden is a fraud
Cup o' Sooth
Cup o' Sooth Vor 2 Tage
"Never underestimate Joe's ability to F*** things up" - The first African American man, who is clean, intelligent, and good looking.
Jonathan Jollimore
So now what he sounds like not very scary if ask me. That why he never talks ruin the mood
The Last Rebel Show
“My Depends are full again Jill “- Joe Biden.
Cup o' Sooth
Cup o' Sooth Vor 2 Tage
"Never underestimate Joe's ability to F*** things up" - The first African American man, who is clean, intelligent, and good looking.
bigraviolees Vor 2 Tage
Nothing funnier than a right nut using Jim Jones references as these lunatics die for the GOp
Zoe S
Zoe S Vor 2 Tage
Yay Biden!! I love you! You have proved yourself above and beyond!!
Alfred E
Alfred E Vor 2 Tage
Joe the world joke. Good morning Patriots! In order to stop the democrats unchecked uncontrolled spending, we must take back the House of Representatives! Vote for your Republican for the house. The democrats are planning to add 9 TRILLION dollars to the national debt! In a year still reeling from Covid-19 loss of jobs and record numbers of small businesses closing! Does this make sense to you? Only higher taxes can reduce this problem over a very long time. This on top of inflation Price of steel up 145%, lumber 126%, cotton 35%, food 25%, wheat 25%, oil 80% all since Jan.6., will cause undo hardship on the good honest citizen tax payers! Thank you.
The FBI is GAY
The FBI is GAY Vor 2 Tage
Who's going to tell this snake oil salesman that Michael Myers doesn't talk, that's literally one of his most defining traits.
Maddie Rose
Maddie Rose Vor 3 Tage
Biden sucks
Damian Allen
Damian Allen Vor 3 Tage
The party that brought you slavery, who never wanted to end slavery. FACT The party that brought you Jim Crow Voting rules. FACT The party that had to steal an election because they had 0 chance against the great Donald J Trump. FACT The party that supports ANTIFA, BLM, Marxism, and Communism. FACT The party that wants to pass laws so they can permanently cheat on every election and turn the USA into the failing California. FACT Yes you would be correct if you selected the DEMOCRAT PARTY.
Deon reed
Deon reed Vor 3 Tage
The Lambda variant of covid which originated in Peru has now been detected in Texas. The cause is illegals from south America breaking into our country while stupid senile joe Biden does nothing.
Associates & GIvens
Michael Myers going toe to toe with Kylie’s “Joe Daddy?” Well, ok! Thanks TOTN Team!
shad rox
shad rox Vor 3 Tage
Michael myers is one of the few people biden is more sane than
Rikki Taylor
Rikki Taylor Vor 3 Tage
He recently laughed in response to what his response was to Vladimir pooten when he asked what is responsewas to vlad being a killer was inresponse laughing too as his answer
Luke Davis
Luke Davis Vor 3 Tage
"We are on the verge of a Global Transformation, all we need is the Right Major Crisis and the Nations will accept the NWO." David Rockefeller 1994 UN Business Council. Hmmm... 🤔🤔🤔
Kev N
Kev N Vor 3 Tage
Aw yes mainstream comedy😤 good one........................
Lloyd McKay
Lloyd McKay Vor 3 Tage
FB isn''t killing people. It's the misinformation from some people that is the problem. And just not on FB. The cases and deaths are going down in places where there has been more vaccinations. That's a good thing. I wonder what the world's next problem is going to be? There's so many to choose from. Three years from now???? I make no predictions.
Liv Free
Liv Free Vor 3 Tage
Haha!!! Joe Biden has a little lapse & then goes to his script “they’re killing people.”
Nicole Brown
Nicole Brown Vor 3 Tage
Cato the Elder
Cato the Elder Vor 3 Tage
mueffe Vor 3 Tage
Biden can't be any moar populistic than this rhetoric. Till the next populistic statement.
Sara Vor 3 Tage
I mean, he's not wrong....
I'm off Facebook since 2019. Felt like a drug addict trying to kick Facebook. It was not easy.Now my mental health and PTSD finally calming after 2 years all social media clean. As someone looking from the outside digital Crack is a real thing. Misinformation is rampant and nothing triggers my PTSD confusion seeing regular people whining online. War was easier than dealing with the utter stupidity frothing from most peoples mouths and status. War was easier. Dealing with the confusion amongst my people is harder. Bless
chez moi
chez moi Vor 20 Stunden
Fauler Perfektionist
Facebook has sworn they've gotten proactive about deleting misinformation and removing _sources_ of misinformation, but it doesn't matter. Misinformation _always_ spreads more quickly than _information_ does.
Kasarii Vor Tag
Also, they're none too good at identifying the content of posts yet. I've seen too many "after careful review" of stuff that clearly wasn't reviewed to bother with their reporting system.
Maddie Rose
Maddie Rose Vor 3 Tage
It’s called freedom of speech blowhard
Sarah Pelletier
Sarah Pelletier Vor 3 Tage
The Video is really good and great
slade1ra Vor 3 Tage
I don’t care how many people hate Biden. I love the guy. The economy has never been better, unemployment has never been this high, and he doesn’t stutter when he talks.
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis Vor 3 Tage
I've waited for so long to hear Micheal speak, his voice is like an angel.
spymaine89 Vor 3 Tage
...covid, you are now under one world imposed globalist government . no vote needed........................ ..............The American Academy of Pediatrics, an American child abuse agency, called for 3-year-olds to mask up at schools this year. 2021 ............www.aier.org/article/masking-children-tragic-unscientific-and-damaging/ ........... ...........................Masking Children: Tragic, Unscientific, and Damaging Paul-E-AlexanderPaul E. Alexander - March 10, 2021 //////////////////////
Napoléon I Bonaparte
Whatever you invent, you also invent its bad aspects.
Eduardo Grasso TV
Facebook was cool when it was used as a tool to prevent people for voting for a specific candidate...
multitudeofidols Vor 3 Tage
Secret Service doing a terrible job letting an escaped mental patient with a violent history get that close to the president.
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan Vor 3 Tage
Popular Opinion: Every single one of ya'll agrees that Michael Myers made our Day Better:
tony solis
tony solis Vor 4 Tage
Biden says whatever he remembers from the script, he managed to get the last end of the paragraph lol
Mark Mac
Mark Mac Vor 4 Tage
i guess Rob Zombie came up with this.
Biden IS Micheal Myers who BEAT Jason (Donald Trump) In the election. Jason took Manhattan & now the NY DA is going to make him pay.
Cat Fish
Cat Fish Vor 4 Tage
Facebook only killed the brain cell...which then you turn into a zombie Republican party.
Maddie Rose
Maddie Rose Vor 3 Tage
No democrat socialist cult party where politics are religion and politicians are gods.
Wasupdu Vor 4 Tage
Pretty sure he meant that Zuckerberg is a serial killer 🔪
Harold S
Harold S Vor 4 Tage
Michael Myers is right though. FB is killing anyone, they're just making sure people off themselves
The Uploading Dragons
Bro people still use Facebook ????
Rodne Auguste
Rodne Auguste Vor 4 Tage
Michael Myers speaking? 🧐
Kinky Vor 4 Tage
Pretty rich to watch a proven mass murderer and war criminal like Biden, telling Facebook that THEY are killing people. Now that's comedy!! lol
Yulia Marshall
Yulia Marshall Vor 4 Tage
Hey Colbert, is it your friend, Comey, with the knife ?
Taylor Queensbury
Myers 2024
Taylor Queensbury
@Mark Mac he’s been undead for years and it didn't stop him
multitudeofidols Vor 3 Tage
Because why choose the lesser evil?
Mark Mac
Mark Mac Vor 4 Tage
he's going to be dead in October 2022.
Denir Ferraz
Denir Ferraz Vor 4 Tage
Marta Villanueva
Marta Villanueva Vor 4 Tage
I can't believe Facebook can't hire more people, especially people with medical backgrounds to take down more videos about medical misinformation and the like, especially with so many people out of work in the United States and around the world especially now during the pandemic.
Steven Brock
Steven Brock Vor 3 Tage
@Crocalu Because Fauci and thousands of other doctors around the world have been doing this for months and people choose to believe non-doctors over doctors. If you choose the non-expert over the expert consistently, you get an elongated pandemic. Stop pretending that Fauci and others haven't been telling people the science about this for months. It's been on repeat on news stations for MONTHS. Ignorance isn't the issue. Legitimate concerns about the vaccine aren't the issue. Ignoring the data that has said and continues to say that vaccines are the absolute BEST and SAFEST way out of the pandemic is the problem. 95% efficacy data hasn't changed in months.
Andy Vor 3 Tage
@Crocalu Except a lot of time, money, and a ridiculous amount of effort has already gone into providing clear and detailed info about COVID-19 and vaccines and have used many medical professionals, scientists, virologists, and epidemiologists to do just that. It's just that morons like you choose to utterly ignore it and take the heedings of a random moron on the internet, one of which I'm taking my time to explain this to right now.
Crocalu Vor 4 Tage
Man, private companies like FB not putting in their fair share of effort sucks. It's almost as if it has something to do with FB being a legally immune & private megacorporation with monopoly power and a history of committing crimes. Oh well, time to get my vaccine shot from a legally immune & private megacorporation with monopoly power and a history of committing crimes...
Crocalu Vor 4 Tage
Here's a cool idea - what if the governments or fb spent money on giving proper, in-detail information about the vaccines? You know, get people with proper medical backgrounds to *actually* *address* the issues that 'conspiracy folk' have with the vaccines, instead of calling them dumb. Oh wait, giving proper information would only make more people distrust the vaccine science, which is why they don't bother with it, and which is why they can't take down (fake) news about covid19, they've spread too much fake news themselves and are too deep in shite
Johnny TimeStamp
Johnny TimeStamp Vor 4 Tage
Felicia Gardner
Felicia Gardner Vor 4 Tage
Facebook is killing people
Jeff McArthur
Jeff McArthur Vor 4 Tage
So... These folks want Facebook to clamp down even MORE on misinformation on their platform, while they still refuse to use the FCC to clamp down on misinformation on television and the radio. Can you spell "hypocrites?"
Space Force Commander, General Stabled Genius
Facebook doesn’t kill people. People use Facebook to kill people.
Denir Ferraz
Denir Ferraz Vor 4 Tage
sho greene
sho greene Vor 4 Tage
Ok grandpa time to take your medicine. Your trying to censor people like North Korea again
Glenn Welsh
Glenn Welsh Vor 4 Tage
I'm doubtful of the legitimacy of this video. Everyone knows Michael Myers never talks.
Vosgor Vor 2 Tage
Made my day
Luke Davis
Luke Davis Vor 3 Tage
It's his alter ego...
RHayabusa Vor 3 Tage
Who knew he was deeply political?
multitudeofidols Vor 3 Tage
Would have been more credible if it were Freddy Krueger. We would also have gotten a few good jokes.
Mark Mac
Mark Mac Vor 4 Tage
Rob Zombie says differently.
Uncle G
Uncle G Vor 4 Tage
That's a very good point.
James M. McGill
James M. McGill Vor 4 Tage
Now... I just realized. Biden is just as bad as Trump. Long live the third party!!!
t t
t t Vor 4 Tage
Kill people like the army innocent
SwiftBlade4 Vor 4 Tage
Michael Myers talking? What is this madness?
Vanessa Raices
Vanessa Raices Vor 4 Tage
I think its kill people data and information or low of spam. My opinion
Megan H
Megan H Vor 4 Tage
If it's not factual it's not postable, unless it has a disclaimer
Matt le perdu
Matt le perdu Vor 4 Tage
Citation? :D
onjoFilms Vor 4 Tage
I think it's time to bring back MySpace.
Steven Brock
Steven Brock Vor 3 Tage
Or perhaps remove both or limit the ability of people to spread false news stories. Perhaps make it an online photo/messaging site and cut out the news entirely. If they're going to have news, they need be beholden to the rules that used to govern the news. Non-profit and liable for false information.
Autum Breeze
Autum Breeze Vor 3 Tage
Oh, yeah. That was a thing, wasn't it?
jlbueno0611 Vor 4 Tage
MySpace at least taught us to code ...we spent way more time changing layouts and Playlists than arguing .
Anthony Martensen
No kidding!
o Vor 4 Tage
JOSHUA M New Age Music
I would delete Facebook, but I can't! That starving child needs my likes and that grandma with the cats needs me to comment "amen."
Not Sure
Not Sure Vor 2 Tage
Ed Gein had a face book and I bet Zuckerburg has his little weird things as well.
iaas say
iaas say Vor 2 Tage
And don't forget you need FB to come up with your elf name by combining the color of your shirt with what you ate for breakfast.
Todd McKintyre
Todd McKintyre Vor 3 Tage
Not to mention the need to remember my hundreds of close, personal friends' birthdays.
the void
the void Vor 4 Tage
They can't bear to correct someone who is clearly weak, used and senile
the void
the void Vor 3 Tage
@Allison nice comeback
the void
the void Vor 3 Tage
@Allison ha
Allison Vor 4 Tage
Yeah, they clearly felt bad for Trump.
Mr Random
Mr Random Vor 4 Tage
When they will realize that there's nothing left to say about Trump, they will go after Biden. And there's plenty of weird things about him too.
o Vor 4 Tage
well, Biden is quirky. Cheato is a malevolent dictator.
Jack B
Jack B Vor 4 Tage
I'm friends with Mikey on FB. He doesn't get to judge. And FFS, stop using the flash when taking selfies with victims every 4 minutes. It's super inconsiderate.
Denir Ferraz
Denir Ferraz Vor 4 Tage
Golden cross
Golden cross Vor 4 Tage
Delete Facebook
Frances Duty
Frances Duty Vor 4 Tage
Not my Facebook feed.
SpearDagger Vor 4 Tage
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Vor 4 Tage
Classic Mike
Hada Merryweather
Facebook: They're members are misguiding people...
burn type-r
burn type-r Vor 4 Tage
Lol this guy...
Mikaisabella Vor 4 Tage
dalysea26 Vor 4 Tage
That must be a sharp knife since Michael Myers is really splitting hairs here.
AUTTOnomen Vor 4 Tage
No offense to Mikey, but Grampiden's killed WAY more people!
mary jones
mary jones Vor 4 Tage
Exhibitionist Yoga Pants
What Biden said was True. Facebook is not following their own rules and blocking/flagging misinformation that can seriously hurt people. Fox, Newsmax, and OAN are doing the same.
Vinyl Dad
Vinyl Dad Vor 4 Tage
Facebook sucks my friend almost got banned because he posted a link where to get vaccinated bring back MySpace and Tom get rid of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg
Vinyl Dad
Vinyl Dad Vor 4 Tage
@JustTrollingAlong wait really
MySpace still exists.
Laura gn
Laura gn Vor 4 Tage
Thank you President Biden & Vice President Harris💙
Maddie Rose
Maddie Rose Vor 3 Tage
Denir Ferraz
Denir Ferraz Vor 4 Tage
😵 Michael busting out w/ killer newz & how FB 🔊amplifies information ☠️👻😭
Loraldin P
Loraldin P Vor 4 Tage
Republicans are willing to have their own supporters sacrifice themselves to “own the libs”!!! Take that dems!
h8GWBî Vor 2 Tage
And they forget we _like_ the owning, since we're all masochists, anyway.
Not Sure
Not Sure Vor 2 Tage
I am not sacrificing myself lab rat.
Sirius Kata
Sirius Kata Vor 2 Tage
@Crocalu you need help
John Dor
John Dor Vor 3 Tage
@Crocalu Be the one and only repubtard who can make a convincing argument to not get vaccinated.. and.. go! (patiently waits for your no response or unexplained response)
johnnyboy Vor 3 Tage
You make no sense, shut up please
Deanne DFL rocks!
Remember all the Russian propaganda that Facebook posted to elect Trump 2016? Russia trolls are probably putting out vaccine propaganda too. Putin really wants an unstable America to be sick and die. He's all for killing US and our Democracy with Trump/GQP help of course!
Jay J. Jackson
Jay J. Jackson Vor 4 Tage
With only a few seconds to speak, Biden simply went straight to the bottom line.
Lola Blakeslee
He doesn't know he's President
Jay J. Jackson
Jay J. Jackson Vor 3 Tage
@Theo Did you not see the quotation marks in my reply?
Theo Vor 3 Tage
@Reptilian Monk Do others need to point out the irony of your random, insane sounding double standards fir Biden and Trump, lol? Like he said, if Biden is a disaster, Trump was a catastrophe. A perfectly accurate response. He was so much worse and didn’t even really try to hide it.
Reptilian Monk
Reptilian Monk Vor 3 Tage
@Jay J. Jackson tHE oRAnGe mAn mEaN tWeeTS iS dA wOrSt sINcE hItLEr! DOn LeMoN sAYS sO!! 🤡
Jay J. Jackson
Jay J. Jackson Vor 3 Tage
@Reptilian Monk If Biden is a "disaster", Trump was a catastrophe. To say the least.
Life is Sacred
Life is Sacred Vor 4 Tage
Those two bodyguards behind him already look like they're ready to kill a few people too.
spymaine89 Vor Tag
....................all US states must do this , we the people should never been so ignorant of virus research it was a scam Michigan Legislature Repeals Governor’s Emergency Powers Act BY STEVEN KOVAC July 21, 2021 .....................LANSING, Mich.-The Michigan House of Representatives voted on July 21 in favor of repealing the Emergency Powers Act used by the governor to implement COVID-19 restrictions in the state. //////////////
Aidan Westerfield
@spymaine89 sir are you having a stroke.
spymaine89 Vor 3 Tage
...covid, you are now under one world imposed globalist government . no vote needed........................ ..............The American Academy of Pediatrics, an American child abuse agency, called for 3-year-olds to mask up at schools this year. 2021 ............www.aier.org/article/masking-children-tragic-unscientific-and-damaging/ ........... ...........................Masking Children: Tragic, Unscientific, and Damaging Paul-E-AlexanderPaul E. Alexander - March 10, 2021 //////////////////////
Jack B
Jack B Vor 4 Tage
They looked to me like the law team of Coke and Blow. And Your Honor, if it please the court, we're here to PAR-TAY!
New Message
New Message Vor 4 Tage
Oh, NOW he speaks up!
Sean W
Sean W Vor 4 Tage
The left protecting big tech, who in turn protect the left.
Forget 2020
Forget 2020 Vor 4 Tage
Facebook Instagram = fbi
Jus call me vell
Jus call me vell Vor 4 Tage
I wish get him Michael
Jessy Zamora
Jessy Zamora Vor 4 Tage
philippa Vor 4 Tage
Twitter & tRump!!! Accountability for the 6th of January 🤬
Aidan Marrinan
Aidan Marrinan Vor 4 Tage
Woah, a left media outlet correcting Joe Biden? Well now I’ve seen everything. Lol
Aidan Marrinan
Aidan Marrinan Vor 3 Tage
@Jack B hay, I don’t really care what U have to say. To me UR just some no one on the internet that has nothing else goin on in their lives so they pick apart peoples comments.
Jack B
Jack B Vor 3 Tage
@Aidan Marrinan Stupidity is done getting a pass
Aidan Marrinan
Aidan Marrinan Vor 4 Tage
@Jack B and anyone that goes through YT comments doing grammar checks are almost the definition of “nothing better to do“ and “Petty”
Aidan Marrinan
Aidan Marrinan Vor 4 Tage
Woah, I’ve said edger things than this with less backlash. Jesus Christ, y’all talking about how it’s a “Comedy show“ and you couldn’t tell this was a JOKE
Silvana716 Vor 4 Tage
You must living in a cave since the dawn of news reporting and comedy. This is a comedy late night talk show, not a media outlet. Also, Comedy Central Shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report poked fun at all politicians regardless of political party affiliation. It’s more of an unfortunate right wing issue that their cult leader is untouchable.
Derek's Ho corner 2013
COVID trump Biden on Facebook awesomeness job
Chris Konrath
Chris Konrath Vor 4 Tage
ShadowkillXZDark Vor 4 Tage
Wtf Michael doesn't talk
Eduardo Mejia Music
They're killing people
Kelly KaPOWski
Kelly KaPOWski Vor 4 Tage
AJ T Vor 4 Tage
Tony Bunyea
Tony Bunyea Vor 4 Tage
shawny2scrawny Vor 4 Tage
resident eagle
resident eagle Vor 4 Tage
AJ T Vor 4 Tage